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Eddie's Steamed White Rice.

Recipe for 5 people:

Take 3 cups of medium grain white rice and place it in a medium pot that has a cover.  Spread out the rice evenly inside the pot and cover the rice with water and leave one inch of clear  water on top of the rice.  Mix in 2 large table spoons of fresh cooking vegetable oil and one small teaspoon of salt.  Stir the ingredients well.

 Now boil the mixture over a medium high flame until the rice dries.  When the water is just about completely dried out, take a large spoon and turn over the rice inside the pot, cover the pot with the pot's cover and lower the flame as low as possible.  Let the covered rice cook for 10 minutes, open it and turn over the rice again and cover it again.  Let the rice cook for about 10 minutes more  over the low flame, then turn off the flame.  Let the rice sit covered for another 10 minutes, open the pot, turn over the rice again and it is ready.

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